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Tuning Service

Honda Stock ECU Reflash/Remap Tuning Service

We can deliver the fun to you.

We are located in Bangkok, Thailand

If you are around Bangkok and want us to reflash tune your car. Just contact us and tell us what you want. We can make and appointment and make it happen!

Want to get fuel and ignition tuned well for your car?
– We can do that well!

Want pops and crackles?
– That’s easy!

Want speed limiter removed?
– We can do!

Changed to big injectors and engine struggles to start and struggle to idle and do light load well?
– This can be arranged for cars that are equipped with 512KB, 1MB, and 2MB size ECUs!

Reverse Engineering
We also do reverse engineering on these ECUs ourselves. So you can be sure that our tunes and changes made to your car are accurately done. We always confirm to make sure that tuning tables and all the parameters we are making changes to are correctly done at the right place.

If you want us to do anything more, we can discuss and go into details.

Honda Turbo Platform & Honda with Bosch ECUs
We are working on 1.5 turbo Keihin ROPMs at the moment. We will start tuning them when we are sure we are fully ready for those platforms. We do not support Bosch platforms like Civic Type R 2.0 turbo, 1.0 turbo platform, and turbo diesel Honda at the moment. We will try to add support to 1.5turbo platforms and Bosch ECUs platforms as soon as possiple.

Otherwise, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What we can deliver currently

N/A Street tune starts at $100*
+ Fuel Injection adjustment
+ Ignition Timing adjustment
+ RPM Limiter adjustment
+ Rapid Cut RPM Limiter by request
+ Throttle Response control by request
+ OBD2 reading lock for CANBus ECUs (per request)

*price can differ per car/engine, dyno not included

N/A Intermediate tune complete package starts at $150** (or add $15 each)
Everything from Basic tune plus adds
+ Speed Limiter Cut removal
+ Throttle Reduction at High Speed (DBW Limiter) removal
+ Throttle Reduction at High RPM (DBW Power Limiter) removal
+ Idle RPM control
+ Overrun Fuel Cut control
+ Deceleration Fuel Cut Delay control
+ Pops and Crackles

**price can differ per car/engine, dyno not included

Customization is $30 each (pay on top of the selected tune)
+ Knock Sensitivity removal
for race application
+ Fuel Dumping for Cat Protection removal
for race application
+ Bigger injectors calibration for 512KB, 1MB, and 2MB ROMs
please provide information
– Stock injector size
– Stock fuel system
– Current injector size
– Current fuel system

Bank Transfer – Available
PromptPay – Available
QR Code – Available
PayPal – Available
Credit Card – Soon

[email protected]

Software used

Licensed WinOLS 5 & WinOLS 4
Honda Tuning Suite CANBus Dealer

*all software are legitimatedly licensed